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Balance Restored/Relaxed and Cleansed/Definitely Doing This Again

Kathy was pleasant and comforting from the start. This was my first singing bowl session and I did not know what to expect. She explained my options and I chose a full hour “both sides” in other words, “I want it all, please!” Once I was situated on the table, Kathy went right to work. Immediately I felt relaxed and peaceful. The tones seemed to become one with my body. I felt the waves thru my body. I was aware of something akin to an adjustment, but within my body. When I was finished, Kathy quietly collected her instruments and told me to take my time to slowly get up, and meet her in the hall. She greeted me with water and asked how I felt. I explained the area I felt movement in, and she mentioned she adjusted her technique in that area because she sensed something too. Later that day I had a digestive cleanse that made me feel light and clean. This result was surprisingly pleasant and I will definitely schedule another session. Kathy’s professionalism filtered with her natural friendliness made a new experience - one that I will make a regular part of my health practices.


Angie M.

A Breath of Fresh Air

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I had my first vibrational sound wave therapy session with Kathy. But I knew from the first moments when I felt the sound waves flow through my body that it would be amazing. I immediately felt a sense of great relaxation and peace. I slept better that evening than I had in a long time, and was surprised to notice that my lungs felt clearer than they had in months. I have severe seasonal allergies and was able to breathe better than I had in recent memory. My lungs totally cleared out and it was wonderful! I can’t wait for another session!


Dave B.

So Calming

My session with Kathy was very relaxing and relieved a lot of stress and pain from my body. I had recently lost my husband & father-in-law within a 3- month period and had been taking care of their immense physical needs for the last three years. In the process, I ignored my own body’s signals and didn’t take care of myself - I ached all over and could barely move.


The session was very helpful and I plan on having more of them to help heal my body and inner being, as I now concentrate on taking care of my needs It was so calming that I actually fell asleep at the end!


Sharon P.

Peaceful, Relaxing and Healing

I experienced a singing bowl session for the first time with Kathy and I was very moved by the intensity of the vibrations and the body's response to the different tones. For days after, I could recapture the sense of peace and relaxation. There was a sense of healing to recent loss as well.  This is a valuable tool in stress management and self- expression.


Cynthia L.

Deep Sense of Relaxation

This session was so much more than I expected! The deep sense of relaxation I felt during the session was more than I could imagine!


Lisa C.

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